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Kauai Attempting To Get Aid To Stricken
by Charles J. Fern
Honolulu Star Bulletin, April 03, 1946; p.1

Lihue, Kauai, April 2. (By Radiophone). -- Kauai is attempting to get aid to its stricken people and to check the dead and missing today as a result of Monday's disastrous tidal wave which left untold wreckage, six known dead, nine mission and three seriously injured in its wake.

Red Cross supplies are being rushed into the Kalihiwai, Kalihikai, Wainiha, and Haena districts where most of the damage was done.

Haena was isolated yesterday from rescue teams and the total damage done there is yet to be reckoned.

Food and Red Cross supplies were trucked into Wainiha and Haena yesterday through a bit of luck.

When the Waikoko Stream bridge (the stream on the Waioli side of Hanalei) was washed out by the second big wave, a county truck was stranded on the Haena side of the stream. All bridges at Wainiha (between Hanalei and Haena) were washed out at the same time.

By placing planks over the wrecked Waikoko stream, supplies were carried across to the truck and from there delivered to Wainiha and carried into Haena.

Mrs. Edwin Laamea of Haena, seriously injured, was carried out across the same plank bridging. A partial check was made of the Haena disaster by a party led by Edwin Ching.

They found the Hanohano home at Haena washed out. The old two story Mahikoa house was standing but the YMCA camp on the flat at Haena was completely destroyed.

The Ching party was unable to get beyond the YMCA camp to estimate damage.

Today's rescue party going into Haena is headed by Tai Hing Leong, county engineer.

The tiny village at Wainiha is flat. The Nakatsuji store and the surrounding houses took the full force of the wave.

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