R.C. Wyllie tomb at Mauna ‘Ala

The Wyllie tomb.


"Mr. Robert C. Wyllie was from Scotland, and he arrived in Hawai‘i in 1840, and became very close with the Kamehameha family, serving three Kamehameha Kings--King Kamehameha III, IV and V--in various government capacities. Mostly he was Foreign Minister of Hawai‘i. And he helped Hawai‘i with making treaties between the world powers at that time, and having them recognize Hawai‘i’s independence and sovereignty, signing these treaties with France, Germany, and England, the United States. So Mr. Wyllie was an actual family member of the Kamehamehas.

"On the 12th of October, Robert C. Wyllie passes away, and he is given the honor of being the third person to be placed inside of the mausoleum building, alongside of King Kamehameha IV. For all of his years of loyal and dedicated service to the Kamehameha family, the dynasty of the Kamehamehas. He was very, very affected by the death of the Prince, and he was given that honor of being the third person to be inside of that mausoleum building.



Robert Crichton Wyllie.


"After the Kamehameha crypt is built, in 1904 a second crypt is built, and that’s the crypt that’s closest to Nu‘uanu avenue. It’s roof sits on four pillars, and on top of the roof is the sacred emblem of the high chiefs, the pu-lo‘olo‘o. That crypt is named the Wyllie Crypt--another honor given to Mr. Wyllie.

"There are eight members of Queen Emma’s family interred in that crypt, along with Mr. Wyllie. And that’s Queen Emma’s mother, Kekelaokalani, her hanai parents who were her Aunt Grace and Dr. Rooke, and then her two cousins, and her uncle Bennet Namakeha, who was the brother of Queen Emma’s father, Na‘ea.

"But Na‘ea is not interred here at Mauna ‘Ala, and we don’t know where he is. That’s one of the reasons, I think, Queen Emma was hanai’ed to Grace and Dr. Rooke, because she would have mother and father. And she would know who were mother was, her hanai mother. So it would be all family structured."

"The Wyllie crypt also holds Prince Albert Kunuiakea. Prince Albert Kunuiakea, the cousin of Queen Emma, was the son of Jane Lahilahi, who was the youngest sister of Kekela o Kalani, Queen Emma’s momma -- she was Queen Emma’s Aunt Grace. They also had a son named Olohana, John Young II. And John Young II purchased Queen Emma’s summer palace from the original owner, and when he passed away, he gave the palace to Queen Emma.

"Prince Albert Kunuiakea is the son of King Kamehameha III. One of the reasons Prince Albert couldn’t be named heir to the throne was he was illegitimate. Although he had Kamehameha blood, according their genealogy. (According to Queen Lili‘uokalani, they don’t have Kamehameha blood.)

"But Prince Albert was a wonderful, wonderful Hawaiian man who enjoyed life to its fullest. He was a womanizer, as they called them at that time, and a drinker. He was in the House of Nobles as high chief."


Prince Albert Kunuiakea.



"When the Wyllie crypt is completed, Queen Emma’s family is moved from the mausoleum into the Wyllie crypt. That crypt is now sealed."




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