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Welcome to Ulithi
Yap State, Federated States of Micronesia


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Men's House Falalop

Yapooy men's house at Falalop.

Welcome to Ulithi! Ulithi (pronounced yoo-LITH-ee) is an atoll in Yap State, Federated States of Micronesia (commonly abbreviated as FSM).

Pacific Worlds welcomes you to explore this beautiful place through a series of eight thematic topics. Within each of these, you will find short, focused sections exploring particular aspects within that theme. Provided also are bibliographies and links to external sites that will teach you more about the topics discussed.

This website is dedicated to Callistus Legdesog, and in memory of Roke Wur..

We are also grateful to James Lukal at the Yap Historic Preservation Office for his support in this project.

Before you begin, use this home page to familiarize yourself with basic geographic information about Ulithi:




Our Guides
Meet the community members who will guide our journey at Ulithi. Each of these people offers distinct and valuable insights into the different faces of Ulithi, past and present.


Familiarize yourself with the location of FSM within Micronesia, and the locationof Yap State within FSM. Find the location of Ulithi within the many islands and atolls that comprise Yap.


Around the lagoon, this section provides orientation to the major physical, spatial, organizational, and cultural features of Ulithi. Go here to grasp the spatial organization before you arrive.

Getting Here

Getting Here
Describes the journey involved in reaching Ulithi today, starting with landing at Yap International Airport. This gives a sense of the relative location of Ulithi within Yap State.

Ulithi Home |  Our Guides |  Location |  Orientation |  Getting Here |  Credits |  Site Map
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