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Each community website within Pacific Worlds has a home-page section at the front. This includes the home page for that website, and the set of introductory pages orienting the reader to the community and the persons involved. This section is sort of like a "departure lounge" in that you have not yet ventured out into the Pacific "world" in which you have arrived. Here you are briefed in advance of your voyage:

Guides introduces you to the people from whom you will be hearing. Each of the guides gives a short self-introduction, so that you may know something of their position, or their area of expertise. These guides will be referred to by name during the rest of the website, so it is good to get to know them now. You can always come back and refresh your memory.

Location gives a Geographic overview, from where we are on the globe, to where we are within the broader region (e.g. Micronesia), to the island entity as a whole (e.g. The Cook Islands), and down to the island, atoll, or village that is the focus of that website. This provides the reader with a larger context for understanding the material that will follow.

Getting Here, on the other hand, is about relative location: what is the journey involved in getting to this community? From this, you will understand whether we are in the heart of things, or far out on some periphery. This relationship is important for understanding the geographic character of the community.

Credits acknowledges all the many people involved in producing this website, both from the community and entity, and from outside. Each of these websites involves an enormous amount of time and effort, with contributions (some paid, some not) from many people, all of whom assisted in allowing us to present the story of that community. Pacific Worlds relies heavily on donations of time and materials from many people, and we are proud to acknowledge their contributions.

From here, you will step out into this new land, starting with Arrival.



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