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This section begins with elaboration on the break-up of the Hui Ku‘ai ‘Aina. An outline of events that transpired in Ha‘ena following the Mahele is then presented, with particular emphasis on land transfers and their historical context.

Noted Visits

Noted Visits
As the "historical" period unfolded, several noted travelers came to Ha‘ena and wrote accounts of their visits, especially to the famous caves. Some of these records are presented here. Their writings demonstrate changing perceptions of landscape features, both from the Hawaiian context and across different historical periods.

Horse & Cattle

Horse & Cattle Days
From the late 18th to the early 19th century, during the days of the Hui Ku‘ai ‘Aina, cattle ranching was the predominant economy at Ha‘ena, and horses the major mode of transportation. Samson reflects on those days, and on riding the Kalalau trail.

Hui Ku‘ai Âina

Hui Ku‘ai ‘Aina
One of the notable features of Ha‘ena after the mahele is the creation of this land-owning collective. Carlos tells us more about it, and the events that led to its demise in the 1950s.


Two major tsunamis hit the Hawaiian Islands and Ha‘ena in particular, one in 1946 and one in 1957. This section presents newspaper records from the time, discussing the extent of the damage and the episodes of heroism that took place.

Taylor Camp

Taylor Camp
In the 1960s, a "hippie" community came into being on the shore at Ha‘ena. Located on land purchased by Elizabeth Taylor's brother, "Taylor Camp" became a renowned location for young, mostly non-Hawaiians looking to drop out of mainstream American society. An excellent article on the history and geography of this community is reproduced here from the Field Museum of Natural History Bulletin.


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Special Essays: Methods for Oral History
Two essays provide guidance on doing oral history projects with indigenous elders.

Chronology |  Noted Visits |  Horse & Cattle |  Hui Ku‘ai ‘Aina | Tsunami |  Taylor Camp |  Language |  Sources & Links
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