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The Pacific Worlds Project is designed as a tool for educators. providing both a portfolio of content-rich websites,

The project embodies three distinct components:

  1. Production of in-depth culturally rich websites that focus on representative locations, and combine oral histories, photographs, maps, timelines, and a range of archival, historical and cultural materials;

  2. Development of indigenous-focused curricular materials for the study of comparative Pacific Island culture and geography. These are intended to serve local Education Standards while being tailored to the needs and circumstances, both educational and cultural, of Pacific Islander students and communities;

  3. Hosting of Teacher Workshops, sometimes for college credit, in which the websites and curricular materials are introduced to local teachers in the Pacific, with hands-on exploration and interactive assessment of the materials, and discussion of indigenous education.

Use the links on this page to learn more about our curricular materials, teacher workshops, and approaches to Educational Standards.

The unique value of this project lies in the ways it

  • presents islander perspectives, tapping into local knowledge and traditions before they are lost;

  • uses an integrated and holistic format, linking history, values, traditions, and cultural change to actual places, environmental conditions, and everyday practices;

  • creates visually stimulating IT materials, fostering reading literacy, computer literacy, and cultural literacy, and bridging the education gap between traditional culture and modern technology;

  • fosters the understanding of Island cultures on their own terms, recognizing indigenous worldviews as valid, while presenting indigenous epistemologies for cross-cultural study in many fields;

  • uses a standardized format that allows comparison of topics across the region, being systematic and encyclopedic while fostering cultural diversity and complexity.

At the Pacific Worlds Institute, we are learning more about indigenous education, and working with teachers to adapt our educational materials to their needs. We appreciate your feedback. Please feel free to contact the director for more information:

Pacific Worlds
Phone: (1-808) 320-0474



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