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Materials in this website are the protected property of Pacific Worlds and its sponsors and associates, except for third-party copyrighted materials where specifically denoted.

Intellectual Property: Pacific Worlds respects the intellectual property rights of indigenous peoples. The quoted words of the islanders and others presented on the Pacific Worlds website are the intellectual property of those individuals, and they ultimately hold copyright authority as to their usage. Pacific Worlds may assist in the reconciliation or prosecution of any violation of those intellectual property rights, on behalf of our participants and contributors.

Disclaimer: Any materials on Pacific Worlds websites that are copyrighted by another person or entity are either used with permission or in accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. Section 107 solely for non-profit educational purposes under U.S. "fair use" law and are distributed without profit to those who have expressed a prior interest in receiving it for research and educational purposes. No claim of copyright ownership of any type whatsoever is asserted by Pacific Worlds on any materials that are copyrighted by any other person or entity.

For use of texts and images credited to other persons or organisations, permission for reproduction must be sought from those sources. Pacific Worlds is not responsible for providing permissions for their use. For images from Bishop Museum, please contact Bishop Museum Archives at archives@bishopmuseum.org.

Non-profit Usage:

Texts and images from this website that are not credited to others may be used and reproduced for non-profit purposes, provided that they are clearly credited to Pacific Worlds.

If specific speakers are quoted, their full names should also be cited. The following information should be included for bibliographic citation:

Mariano Laimoh, cited in Pacific Worlds Yap-Ulithi Website: "Getting There" Pacific Worlds, 2003: http:www/pacificworlds.com/yap/arrival/getting.cfm

Commercial Usage:

No portion of this website—text or images—may be used for commercial purposes without express permission of the project director.

Photograph usage for commercial purposes can be obtained for a flat fee of US$350 per image.

Unauthorized commercial usage of text or images shall be prosecuted.

Contact the Director for further questions regarding usage of Pacific Worlds materials.

About |  Guiding Principles |  Methodology  |  Project Staff  |  Usage Policy



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