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235 Oahu, Kauai Homes Damaged
Honolulu Advertiser March 21, 1957: p. A1;4

The American Red Cross reported last night that at least 235 homes on Oahu and Kauai were bashed by Saturday's tidal wave, with 60 houses demolished.

Kauai, where a wave was reported to have reached a height of 32 feet above normal sea level at Haena, was worst hit.

Fifty-four Kauai homes were demolished, 27 were damaged.

Of the homes that were destroyed, 25 were permanent residences and 29 were summer homes.

The Red Cross was caring for 150 persons.

Six-hundred Kauai residents were affected "one way or another" by the tidal wave, the Red Cross reported. Of these, 150 were being cared for at two Red Cross emergency shelters -- 120 at Hanalei School, 50 at Mrs. Juliet Wichman's home at Haena.

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