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The Guam-Inarajan web site
and curriculum guide was funded by
PREL—Pacific Resources for Education and Learning
with institutional support from
Towson University.

This website also came into being through the kindness, generosity, assistance, and contributions of a great many people. Pacific Worlds acknowledges and thanks them for their ongoing help in making this website possible.

Production Team:

RDK Herman: Research, photograpy, graphics, web design and construction
Peter Fendrick: Web design consultant
Marty Roberge: GIS mapping
Jennifer Ballengee: Text & Content editing
Joe Robinson CGIS, Towson U: Cartographic Assistance
Wendy Shaw: Research Associate
Kavita Rao: PRELStar advisor
Vivian Blaxell: Code editing

Advisory Board:

David Cruz, Guam Department of Education
Eloise Sanchez, Guam Department of Education
Joseph Quinata, Curriculum and Instruction Division, Guam DOE
Tony Ramirez, Guam Historic Preservation Trust
Ron Laguana, Chamorro Studies Divison, Guam DOE
Tony Palomo, Guam Museum


Site Guides:

Therese Crisostomo Pangelinan
Bill Paulino
Tan Floren Meno Paulino
Anne Perez Hattori
Rufo Lujan
Vicente "Ben" Meno

Joseph Quinata
Larry Cunningham
Judy Flores
Sherey Taimanglo
Earl Paulino
Jeff Barcinas
John Brown
Rosana Barcinas

Assistance and Contributions:
Enormous thanks to

Gef Pa'go Cultural Village
People and Homes of Inarajan
Guam Museum
Pacific Resources for Education & Learning
PREL Guam Service Center
Micronesian Area Research Center (MARC)
Harley Manner, UOG Geography
Center for Geographic Information Sciences


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