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Website Credits


The Kawaihae, Hawai‘i web site and materials were funded by

Hawai‘i Council for the Humanities
The Atherton Family Foundation

This website also came into being through the kindness, generosity, assistance, and contributions of a great many people. Pacific Worlds acknowledges and thanks them for their ongoing help in making this website possible.

Production Team:

RDK Herman: research, photography, graphics, web design and construction
Peter Fendrick: web design consultant
Jennifer Ballengee: editing and additional photography
Ashley Lesh: GIS mapping
Angela Carlisle: CGIS, Towson U: Cartographic Assistance

Site Guides:

William Akau
‘Ilima Mo‘iha
Edward La‘au, Jr.
Ululani Carvalho
Melvin Kalahiki
Hannah Kihalani Springer
Pua and Louie Tavares
Sam Gon
Ku‘ulei Nagasawa McCarthy
Craig White

Jeannine Matos
William Paris
Ku Kahakalau

Marion Greig Kelly

Assistance and Contributions:
Enormous thanks to

• Na Papa Kanaka o Pu‘u Kohola
• Kanu o Ka ‘Aina school
• Nicole Anakalea
• National Park Service, Pu‘u Kohola National Historical Site
• Thelma Parker Memorial Public Library
• Bishop Museum
• Hawai‘i State Archives
• People and Homes of Kawaihae

Additional thanks to:

• Clayton Turnbull and household, for accommodation in Waimea
• Phyllis and Murray Turnbull, for accommodation in Honolulu
• Gail Dochin
• Tradewinds U-drive

About the Iconography:

The small icons used in this website to designate chapters and other sections are drawn from the many petroglyphs found throughout the Hawaiian Islands. Pacific Worlds uses the same set of petroglyphs on all our Hawaiian Islands sites. However, in each site, these icons are colored to represent that particular island. All Hawaiian islands have a color associated with them, which derives from a particular flower special to that island.

A useful source on Hawaiian petroglyphs is Hawaiian Petroglyphs, by J. Halley Cox with Edward Stasack, Honolulu: Bishop Museum Press, 1970.

For Bibliographic references for these opening pages, see the Sources page for the Arrival chapter.


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